Calculate Regular Polygon

Parameters Values
Number of sides
Length of one side (inches)
Significant figures
Perimeter 0.00 Inches
Each interior angle 0.00 Degrees
Interior angle (Sum) 0.00 Degrees
Each exterior angle 0.00 Degrees
Each central angle 0.00 Degrees
Circumradius 0.00 Inches
Inradius 0.00 Inches
Total area 0.00 Inches
Picture of polygon
This calculator works only for regular polygons - those which have ALL sides equal and ALL interior angles equal. The above figure shows a regular polygon.
The outer circle surrounding it is called a circumscribed circle (or circumcircle) and the inner circle which is surrounded be the octagon is called the inscribed circle (or incircle).
Angle EAB is one of the 8 interior angles.
Angle EAF is one of the 8 exterior angles and equals central angle ACB.
Line AC is called the circum radius (the radius of the outer, circumscribed circle).
Line CD is called the inradius (the radius of the inscribed circle).