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Project Showcase

  • Toy Box and Dinosaurs
    by Jeff Davidson

    Jeff made this beautiful toy box for his graddaughter. The box is made of oak and the lid has strips of cherry and black walnut that was cut on the family farm in Ohio his dad and grandfather.

    Jeff (with the help of Paul Simkins) also made these dinosaurs. When they roll, the sail goes up and down and the jaw moves.

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  • Grapes
    by Lawrence Peterson

    This is a very special “epergne” ornamented with grapes. The word epergne is usually used to describe a centerpiece with several sections. This one will fully decorate a table when completed with dry flowers, fruits, and other objects. The pattern is based in an old French design from the early 1900s. Woods are Maduro and Maple.

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  • Cowboy Boot Urn
    by Gary Fox

    A friend is planning for his funeral.  While not sick or remarkably old, he states he would like something a little different.  Growing up in rural ND, he is a cowboy.  Sure!  Why not!  An wooden urn that looks like a cowboy boot, should be perfect.  As a gift, the challenge was accepted.  The heel and sole are Black Walnut and screwed on to the hollow boot shape made of Douglas Fir.

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  • Thanksgiving Day Project
    by Gary Fox

    My team is not playing on Thanksgiving.  The remaining turkey is almost gone.  The leftovers reminds me that a skeleton for a grandson's birthday present would be enjoyed.  No turkey for this kid.  DINOSAURS!!  Thanks to the internet and a CNC machine in my garage, I could complete this Velociraptor after dinner.  Made with 1/4" finished Baltic Birch, no nails, screws or glue.

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  • Inspired by Ice Cream
    by Gary Fox

    I think it was late one night about a week ago. Gary had a couple of pieces of poplar and a little drawing on the computer and behold, he made this dream come together.

    An assortment of resin dyes and a few ounces of epoxy poured into the CNC carved pattern bring life to the surface.

    Gary's quote - Woodworking, in its many facets, is so much fun.

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  • Burial Urn
    by Gary Fox

    Gary made this urn for the family of a friend who recently passed away.  The urn is made of Brazilian Rosewood, Maple and Saeple. Saeple is a Mahogany hardwood from West Africa and is harder than Red Oak and more durable than Mahogany.  Those characteristics make it an excellent choice for carving with a CNC router. So, that's what Gary did.

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  • Chess Board
    by Gary Fox
    Chess board made for my neighbor's grandson.  The board surface is walnut and maple squares with mahogany, maple, purple heart and lacewood borders.  The base and drawer underneath is cherry, baltic birch and bubinga knob pull.  The board was made in the conventional the shop.   The chessmen are walnut and maple and were cut with a CNC machine.  
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  • Wall Art
    by Stella Chan
    A beautiful original design from a scroll saw artist who has the quality of persistence.
    Well deserving of many congratulations on a unique work of art.
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  • Vampire Gun Case
    by Lawrence Peterson
    Lawrence Peterson had a request from a friend for a “vampire gun” case.  The friend had the engraving accomplished by a master engraver and needed the case built.  Unwilling initially to take on a task beyond his capabilities, with the help of other club members the final piece exceeded the expectations of all.  Teo, Scott, Eckhard, Daryl and Van Ooyen, to name a few.
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  • Surf Board Photo Frame
    by Pat Hinds

    Pat Hinds made this unique surf board photo frame for his son and family. Nice job Pat!

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****2024 Membership Renewal****

Woodchips 2024 Membership Renewals are now being accepted!

RENEWAL PROCEDURE: To renew your membership, drop your dated and signed renewal application AND your $40 dues payment to the shop mailbox before 2:00p, February 29, 2024.

RENEWAL APPLICATIONS: For your convenience preprinted renewal applications are currently in the Renewal Notebook located on the monitor's desk at the shop. Simply remove your application from the notebook, make any necessary changes, sign and date your application then give it and your payment to the shop monitor. Your renewal forms can also be printed from your Woodchips Member Account should you wish to print it yourself.

CAUTION: Safety Class Credits are purged at the conclusion of the renewal period. Any application received after 2PM on February 29, 2024 will be considered new. As a new membership all Safety Cluster Classes must be repeated. No exceptions. No overrides.

MAIL (not preferred): Mailed renewal applications must be RECEIVED by 2PM on February 29, 2024. Please avoid the consequences of mail delivery delays or loss and bring your application directly to the shop!

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Thanks all!

Bill Beers
Woodchips Membership Officer

Nova Voyager Drill Press

A tutorial video on the Nova Voyager Drill Press has been added to website video collection. It is titled Product Review: Nova Voyager DVR Drill Press. The video can be found here ( or in our Video Library. From the main page hover over Information then click Video Library. Videos in the library are alphabetic so scroll down to find the video.