Project Showcase

  • Abstract Woodworking
    by Teo Oruc

    Woodchipper Teo O. created this beautiful piece during the "lockdown". Made of maple and purple heart woods and finished with Beall Three Step System. 

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  • Yin Yang
    by Lawrence Peterson

    Yin Yang is the concept of dualism — how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary.  Six (6) layer scroll saw cut in isolation by Lawrence Peterson, from a design by Ukrainian artist Alex Fox. It is constructed out of walnut and maple.

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  • Clock Repair
    by Eckhard Fadtke

    This is another example of Woodchips craftsmen making Anthem residents extremely pleased!  This clock was a favorite of its owner, but the finish on the clock face was badly damaged.  Eckhard managed to take the clock apart and use mahogany veneer to restore the clocks beauty.  Everyone was thrilled with the outcome.  If one of your favorite items is made of wood, is broken or damaged, bring it

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  • Diving Suit Helmet Display
    by Eckhard Fadtke

    This very unique and heavy brass diving helmet from 1962 is now beautifully displayed in the home of its owner.  Eckhard accepted the challenge to design and build an oak display stand for the helmet and the key used to tighten the thumb screws on it.  Also displayed is the divers stainless steel knife in its brass sheath.  

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  • Entertainment Center and Fireplace Mantle
    by Dan Adle

    This project, completed in 2020, is of an Entertainment Center and a fireplace mantle.  It was constructed of Cherry wood.  Woodchips members Dan Adle led the construction with the assistance of Pat Hinds and Dave Cartier.  The resident was very pleased with the product.


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  • Awards Plaque
    by Gary Wester

    Woodchipper Gary W. constructed this plaque, made from red oak, to display his car and truck show awards. 

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  • Home Office
    by David Cartier

    Woodchippers Dave Cartier and Dan Adle customized Dave's son's home office.  Built out of alder and painted in place, this customized home office rocks!

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  • Oak Book Cases
    by Glenn Panning

    Here's a fine example of an Anthem homeowner with a desire for a functional piece of furniture, meeting a Woodchips Project Team member.  Two matching oak bookcases, flanking a vintage roll top desk.  The homeowner knew what he wanted, but needed a craftsman to transform his desires to reality.  Glen P volunteered to build these to specification and finished them to match the desk beautifully. 

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  • Personalized Cutting Board
    by Steven Holmstrom

    Woodchipper Steve H. made this personalized cutting board for his fitness instructor “Alicea Martinez”. Created from Palo Verde wood on end grain. Thanks to Doug Gab for routing the name (on his CNC machine). Steve then filled the name cavity with epoxy and glitter and finished the board, front back and sides with Incredible Solutions table top epoxy.

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  • Notable Men
    by Don Lodes

    Woodchipper Don L. shared some notable men he created with the scroll saw:  U.S. Grant, William T. Sherman, Robert E.

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Woodchips Reopening ALL Members

The Board is pleased to announce Phase Two of our Reopening Plan. Commencing tomorrow/Friday, 7/3, the shop will be open to all Members for normal shop hours: 8:00a - 2:00p. Limited occupancy, masks, and social distancing are required. If you are planning to visit the shop, please review the following checklist:

Shop Checklist

• All members, including foremen and monitors must check in at the Independence Center front desk monitor
• All members must enter the shop the first time through the door by the monitor desk
• All members must sign in and out on the log sheet
• Maximum occupancy in the shop is 10 persons including the Foreman and Monitor (this includes the outside worktables)
• Members must work in an identified workplace (“X” on the floor) and maintain social distancing
• Members are allotted a maximum of 2 hours to work in the shop if there are other members waiting
• Foreman will ask for volunteers to leave if members are waiting, otherwise the person with the most time in excess of 2 hours will need to make room for the new member
• During slack periods (if there are any) Shop Monitors may be required to wipe down equipment controls/tools with the SCA provided disinfectant – ALWAYS spray a rag/towel then wipe, NEVER spray the disinfectant directly on equipment

Thank you for your patience and continuing cooperation! Stay safe . . .