Project Showcase

  • Sheep's Head Pedestal Table
    by Lawrence Peterson

    This interesting pedestal table was made by Lawrence Peterson. Lawrence wrote: "This is a very peculiar and decorative pedestal table with perfect proportions to the various parts. The project is a modified version of a pattern based on a very old English design.  Pedro López Rodríguez’sr patterns are available at:

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  • Mid-Century Stereo Cabinet
    by Eckhard Fadtke

    SCA resident Gregory Rice came up with the idea for a mid-century style media console to house his stereo amplifier and speakers.  Eckhard Fadtke of Woodchips took on the project. He engineered and built this stunning piece of furniture. The resident was quite pleased with Eckhard's work and sent the photo of the finished piece to share.

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  • Angled Puzzle Table
    by Mike Raddick

    Mike’s wife wanted an angled table for working jigsaw puzzles.  The resulting piece can be worked flat or at a variety of angles. Covered in green felt — a good background color for most puzzles. Very clever Mike. 

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  • Woven Cheese Board
    by Tim Miller

    Here is a most interesting cheese or hors d'oeuvre board by Tim Miller.

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  • Hummingbird Cutting Board
    by Gary Fox

    Pacific NW Indian Art is simple and beautiful, perfect for learning some programming tricks using the CNC machine.  This example is carved about 3/8" deep and filled with dyed casing resin.  Made of 5/4 maple only.    Programming about 2 hours.  Machine time about an hour.  My neighbors reaction......priceless!

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  • Rocking Chair
    by Bruce Litchfield


    Bruce Litchfield has shared his beautiful rocking chair. Solid American cherry wood, hand carved details, hand rubbed poly finish. Thanks for sharing Bruce!

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  • Bottle Tops & Seam Ripper
    by Mary Jo Webber

    Bottle Tops. Mary Jo Webber made these bottle tops. The set of four started as 2X2 Olive wood blanks purchased from Penn State; the larger one was made from a 2X3 laminated plywood blank; the set of three stoppers was made from wood purchased at Woodcraft in Las Vegas.

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  • Cruet
    by Lawrence Peterson

    Lawrence Peterson made this cruet. Lawrence writes: “A cruet is a small container for salt, pepper, oil, or vinegar for use at a dining table.  This scroll saw project is from a design off the web site, and modified to make the project easier. Original pattern is 074. The patterns are based in an old English design.

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  • Temple
    by Lawrence Peterson


    Lawrence provides us with the following description:

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  • "Jewel" Urn
    by Gary Fox

    Gary Fox has shared a recent special project. Gary writes: "Completed an urn for a close friend.  Made from African Rosewood.  I made it in the shape of an emerald because she was truly a "jewel" of a person.  The top appears to be removable, but it is not.  The base is removable and secured with screws.  The wood is truly beautiful and finished with only wax." 

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