Project Showcase

  • Retired Flag Receptacle
    by Glen Panning

    Our Veterans Club has wanted to make sure that old flags are disposed of properly.  The community needed a special place for residents to deposit their old flags, so the Activities Department asked the Woodchips to make a receptacle.  Glen Panning, himself a veteran and excellent woodworker, accepted the project and completed it in short order.  The receptacle needed to be similar in decor and

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  • Island Wine Rack and Table
    by Eckhard Fadtke

    The kitchen is a perfect place to share a glass of wine, serve friends, and properly store the rest of the wine bottles.  Combine a need with a beautiful piece of hand made furniture is just what master craftsman Eckhard did for a couple of Anthem residents.  The unit is inspired by a wine barrel, but made entirely of cherry.  The table top was constructed of several individual cherry boards an

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  • Cutting Board for a Wedding Gift
    by Gary fox

    The perfect wedding gift......a hard maple cutting board, inlaid with pieces of lace wood, purpleheart and soft maple.  This one has the juice catch ring around the perimeter made with a CNC machine.  Makes a unique and useful gift.

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  • Stained Glass Table
    by Les Cotton

    Woodchipper Les Cotton created this beautiful stained glass table.  To show off the colors in the stain glass better, he installed some small LED lights.  The table is made from all redwood and he used his own stain mix consisting of 2/3 Jacobean and 1/3 Oak.  Finished in a gloss polyurethane, it brightens up his work.

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  • Entertainment Center and Fireplace
    by Paul Schrumpf

    A very unique entertainment center complete with a new electric fireplace, has been completed by the Woodchips Project Team of Paul S, Gary S, Mike K and Dan A.  This one was started before the pandemic, but an understanding owner waited patiently for the shop to reopen. 

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  • Garden Potting Table
    by Eckhard Fadtke

    A happy Anthem gardener has a new Potting Table!  She asked via the website, and Eckhard delivered another perfect result.

    Made with Redwood and treated with UV resistant sealer, this one should last several years with regular care.


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  • Soccer ball or work of art?
    by Teo Oruc

    How to make a soccer ball?  Woodchipper Teo O. tells us how. First you have to create 12 pentagons, then the 5 sides of each pentagon is beveled at 31.7 degrees. Then they are folded into a ball with ridges where pentagons meet. The final step is to mount it on the lathe to turn a perfect sphere. This ball is made out of maple and cherry combo. 

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  • Designed in Australia — Made in America
    by Lawrence Peterson

    The drawings were developed while under virus lockdown earlier this year in Australia.  Once back home: an estimated 400 hours of work to finish design and cut 12 versions.  The Buddhas are intended to bring calm, peace, and joy into the current troubled era and to support The Tibetan Aid Project.

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  • Flag Case
    by Rich Einsiedel

    Woodchipper Rich E. completed this flag case for a client.  The case is made of red oak; the wood behind the nameplate is African vermillion (aka padauk).

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  • Abstract Woodworking
    by Teo Oruc

    Woodchipper Teo O. created this beautiful piece during the "lockdown". Made of maple and purple heart woods and finished with Beall Three Step System. 

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Woodchips Fall Shop Hours 9/10/2020

Woodworker Image

It's time to start thinking about those Fall Projects and Holiday Gifts

The shop continues to be open to all Members 8:00a to 2:00p, Wednesday through Saturday. Even in this time of social distancing and limited occupancy, we have been able to accommodate most Members since re-opening July 1. 


Woodchips Needs Monitors!



Shop Monitors assist the Shop Foreman in maintaining a safe working environment for all Woodchips Members. Among other responsibilities, Shop Monitors are an essential part of shop operations, provide the Shop Foreman with a "second pair of safety eyes," answer the shop phone, greet visitors, supervise daily shop administrative operations, and provide other support to Members. Monitors learn and become proficient in shop procedures, are exposed to woodworking tips and advanced techniques, meet other Woodchips Members, and learn new woodworking skills. 

Woodchips rewards Monitors for their service to the Club by (1) granting access to the shop one "extra" day each week to work on personal projects, (2) annual invitation to a Monitors-only Appreciation Breakfast or other event, annual invitation to join Foremen for a Foremen and Monitors-only Oktorberfest event. Monitors are also permitted to apply for upgrade to Foreman status.

Monitors are approved by the Woodchips Board, and serve at the pleasure of the Board. Woodworking experience and advanced woodworking skills are not required. 

For additional information or to apply for upgrade to Monitor status, please contact Woodchips Monitor Recruiters and Trainers: Bruce Litchfield and Mike Radwick

For additional Woodchips information, feel free to contact any Woodchips Officer . . .

Ned Fouste
2020 Woodchips President