Project Showcase

  • Rolling Pins
    by Gary Fox

    A rolling pin of mesquite and walnut handles with a cherry and maple stand.  This one has a 1/4" rod as an axle for the handles.

    Another pin of an unknown wood with purple heart inlay to cover where knots were and fixed walnut handles.  

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  • Fireplace and Storage Cabinets
    by Bill VanOoyen

    This fireplace and the Red Oak cabinets and floating shelves are finished with a stain and polyurethane finish to closely match the existing cabinetry throughout the home.  This Club Project was truly a Team Effort.  The resident wanted an electric fireplace and storage cabinets.  While the project was relatively routine, the time frame requested was short, considering the limited shop access. 

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  • Long Awaited Entertainment Center Completed
    by Dan Adle

    Once upon a time, in a woodshop very near, there are some pretty amazing craftsmen.  Sounds like the start of a Christmas-time fable.  But in this case, it ain't no fable.  These Woodchips Project Team guys made an Anthem couple's Christmas wish come true.  The couple wanted it last year, but we couldn't do it.  They waited.  Enduring a three and half month shutdown, they waited.  They waited p

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  • Which One is the REAL Storm Trooper?
    by Gary Fox

    Woodchips Project Team has it's own Storm Trooper!  He fixes chairs and charms the lady residents who stop to see the woodshop.  He will tell newer members EXACTLY how to do whatever it is they want to complete, and he can design and construct most anything from wood AND metal.  

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  • Cutting Board
    by Dave Cartier

    Cutting boards are usually one of the first projects completed by members.  This one is not your basic board.  Dave Cartier has made this one before and, while pleased with the initial outcome, there was room for improvement.  Practice makes perfect. 

    This one is made from hard maple, oak, walnut and purple heart.  Look at it up close.  It's perfect. 

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  • Sliding Barn Door and matching closet doors
    by Ken Baker

    Sliding barn doors  are a hot item on HGTV.  Woodchips can build them for you.  Ken B and Dan A and a few other volunteers completed some for a happy resident.  They are made of white oak frames and a prefinished bamboo flooring product to match the bedroom furniture.  The resident sent us the following message: "We are very pleased with this experience, from initial consultation to installatio

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  • Storage Lockers for Ceramics Club
    by Dan Adle

    Woodchips member Dan A may be a new Club member, but he certainly is not new to woodworking.  Dan and Scott S teamed up to complete the addition of storage lockers and a book case for the Ceramics Club room.  There are a substantial number of existing cabinets in the space, so matching the size, design and colors was critical.  According to Ceramics Club officers and members present at the comp

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  • Display Shelving for Collection of TV and Movie Memorabilia
    by Eckhard Fadtke

    Many of us are collectors of stuff!  One Anthem resident has a collection of incredible stuff, and Woodchips was asked to make some shelving for its display.  We were happy to accommodate, but Eckhard took it much further and built several unique displays also.  The shelving is Red Oak and finished in polyurethane......but the displays......Red Oak, yes, but the pieces on display are unbelievab

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  • Fireplace Mantel and Floating Shelf of Cherry
    by Dan Adle

    A fireplace mantel requested by a Sun city resident is completed by Dan A.  Specifications included covering the existing mantel, hide the gas valve and make it of cherry wood to match the existing kitchen cabinets.  Also a floating shelf in the foyer.  Both should be clean and simple.  The installation was assisted by Scott S and  the resident was thrilled with the outcome.  

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  • Retired Flag Receptacle
    by Glen Panning

    Our Veterans Club has wanted to make sure that old flags are disposed of properly.  The community needed a special place for residents to deposit their old flags, so the Activities Department asked the Woodchips to make a receptacle.  Glen Panning, himself a veteran and excellent woodworker, accepted the project and completed it in short order.  The receptacle needed to be similar in decor and

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Thank You Project Team Members! 1/14/2021


The Board wishes to acknowledge and thank a very dedicated group of volunteers-- our Projects Team Members! Without their continuing commitment to the Club and all Woodchips Members, Woodchips would not be able to maintain the equipment, supplies, and environment enjoyed by all of us. 

Many Members contribute their time, talent, and hard work to complete Shop Projects, and we thank them all. Of particular note, we wish to recognize and extend appreciation to our

                                        2020 PROJECT TEAM LEADERS

     Dan Adle • Ken Baker • Bob Bishop • Dave Cartier • Gary Corless
   Eckhard Fadtke • Gary Fox • Doug Gab • Pat Hinds • Bruce Litchfield
Glen Panning • Don Reed • Paul Schrumpf • Scott Sturman • Bill Van Ooyen



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Renew Your 2021 Woodchips Membership Now!

The 2021 Membership Renewal period has ended; however, the 2021 Membership Renewal grace period continues through February. To extend your Woodchips Membership, return your dated, signed renewal application and $35 membership dues to the shop not later than 2:00 p.m. on February 28, 2021. Application materials received after 2:00 p.m. on February 28, 2021, must be processed as New Member Applications only, and Safety Training Classes must be repeated before machinery can be operated.

In The Shop: Find your Renewal Application in the while notebook at the Monitor's Desk, remove it, date and sign it, attach $35 dues (exact cash or check), and place all materials in the top slot of the Monitor Desk mailbox or hand to the Shop Foreman.

By Mail: Print your Renewal Application from your online account, date and sign it, attach $35 dues check, and mail all materials to Woodchips, 2460 Hampton Road, Henderson, NV 89052. CAUTION: Do NOT mail renewal materials after February 15. Delivery delays will not allow us sufficient time to process the renewal prior to the cutoff date.

Make Checks Payable to: "Sun City Anthem Community Association, Inc." and print "Woodchips" on the Memo line.

CLICK HERE for further renewal information, or contact any Board Member (see online 2021 Organizational Chart for e-mail links). 

Al Griefer, 2021 Membership Officer

COVID-19 Restrictions Continue . . . 12/29/2020


During the continuing "pause," Woodchips is permitted to have NO MORE THAN FIVE MEMBERS concurrently present in our designated Club shop and outdoor space. Members having worked two hours must vacate if new Members arrive to work.


     Swipe badge
     Complete Occupancy Log (time in, time out, station)
     Masks (no shields)
     Social distancing
     Maximum occupancy 5 concurrent Members (including Shop Foreman)
     Foremen sanitize vest at end of shift
     Two consecutive work hour limit if at capacity and members appear to work


On cluster class days, ALL Members except the Instructor and class enrollees must vacate the shop and outside areas prior to 2:00p. See lefthand sidebar on sign-in screen for daily class schedule.

Instructor Note: 
     Attendees MUST preregister for all classes
     Registration closes noon the day prior to the class
     Observe mask and social distancing restrictions during class
     Preregistered Members only may attend classes
     No walk-ins, no waitlist, no auditors, no observers, except Instructors satisfying qualification requirements, who may observe from worktables and only if total occupancy does not exceed five Members.


During Member Hours, Tuesday - Saturday 8:00a - 2:00p, Members have priority, and projects MUST be removed if Members need space to work.