Occupancy/Procedures Update effective 5/1/2021 . . .


Great news! It's Official . . . 

Effective May 1, we are permitted to increase shop occupancy to 80% of our designated Occupancy Load-- which means we can have 14.4 members concurrently in the shop. Unless/Until we are advised otherwise, we're going to round up and call it 15. UPDATE: We have been authorized for occupancy of 16. That number includes Shop Foremen, Shop Monitors, and anyone who enters the shop and moves past the Monitor Desk. It does not include members who work exclusively outside and do not enter the shop except to complete the Occupancy Log and swipe their Shop Badge or SCA CAI card. For the shop and outside work areas, social distancing has been reduced from 6 feet to 3 feet. Masks (no face shields) covering the mouth and nose remain mandatory for all areas.


You may now enroll in Monitor shifts. Commencing May 1, we will need Shop Monitors for ALL Tuesday through Saturday shop hours. Although Operational Procedures permit the shop to operate with only a Shop Foreman on duty, for safety reasons, we want all Tuesday through Saturday shifts to be staffed with Shop Monitors. It's been over a year since Monitor shifts were staffed. If you believe you require a Monitor duties "refresher," please contact Bruce Litchfield [CLICK HERE] or me [CLICK HERE] and--  practical and logistical issues permitting-- we will try to arrange for a review of Monitor procedures. Members must continue to complete the Occupancy Log and swipe their Shop Badge or SCA CAI resident card.


If you are supervising the shop without the assistance of a Shop Monitor, you may restrict shop occupancy to limits you believe are safe. We do NOT want to compromise shop safety, so please exercise responsible discretion and limit occupancy when you are working solo. Under the revised SCA and Clark County mandates (and unless we are otherwise informed), the maximum number of permitted shop occupants (including Shop Foremen, Shop Monitors, and any member proceeding past the Monitor desk) is SIXTEEN(16). ALL persons entering the shop must continue to complete the Occupancy Log and swipe their Shop Badge or SCA CAI resident card.


Except for designated safety classes or Instructors with requested attendance restrictions, we will start increasing class limits from 3 attendees plus the Instructor to 4 attendees plus the Instructor. Registration for all classes closes at noon the day prior to the class. You will receive a final roster shortly after registration closes. Members receive a confirming e-mail immediately after registering for a class, and also receive a reminder e-mail after registration closes. Preregistration was a condition of our approved Reopening Plan/Temporary Safety Procedures and will continue to be mandatory-- no walk-ins, no auditors, no observers. We will continue to offer Shop Orientation twice a month or every other week. All other safety classes will be offered once a month. If a backlog again occurs, we will consider adding additional classes. Effective today/April 29, all new members are being specially/individually informed of the foregoing requirements. Please do not admit anyone to your class unless they are preregistered and on your final class roster. Safety protocols (masks, 3-foot social distancing) apply to all classes. The paper Training Log will continue to "control" class credit. Each attendee and you must sign the Log, which should then be placed in the slot in the mailbox. 

Questions or concerns? Please let me know! And, in the meanwhile, let's all enjoy the relaxed (hopefully soon to be removed) restrictions and start making sawdust!

Ned Fouste
2021 Woodchips President