Fireplace and Storage Cabinets

Project Owner
Bill VanOoyen
Project Type

This fireplace and the Red Oak cabinets and floating shelves are finished with a stain and polyurethane finish to closely match the existing cabinetry throughout the home.  This Club Project was truly a Team Effort.  The resident wanted an electric fireplace and storage cabinets.  While the project was relatively routine, the time frame requested was short, considering the limited shop access.  Gary F and Joe G built and installed the fireplace carcass first.  The homeowner applied the stone face and up the wall.  Bill Van O built and installed the cabinets with assistance of Lawrence P and Gary M provided transportation and helped move the units in.  Eckhard F made the floating shelves and Scott S installed them.  

We missed the requested due date, but the understanding homeowners were pleased with the project just the same.